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Thread: 1977 Haskell Jet Boat 454 thinking of selling

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    thinking about selling my boat... 1977 Haskell with 454 and panther pump....
    I have put on logs with rex marine flush tips, still have basset headers, have dui distributer. I am 2nd owner, boat has low hours for it's age. I have ran new fuel lines and rebuilt the current Mallory dist. and carb and new starter, alternater and battery this summer. The pump has been rebuilt and bluprinted prior to me purchasing in 2002. I have all the original paperwork when it was ordered. I have gpsed it at 72MPH with the Bassets with two people and full fuel tanks, same gps recorded 64 MPH with two peeps and full tanks on a little rougher water after the logs were installed. what do you all think about 6K....... full stringers, reliable...

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    hmmm, nobody has any thoughts?????

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    hmmm, nobody has any thoughts?????
    Don't take this the wrong way.....and I don't mean to be negative..
    But it has a panther pump.....$6K..... Good luck
    Nice boat, but people tend to run from those pumps

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    yeah.... but the panther has a cool commercial though..... I will probably be lucky to get 4k..... who knows.... just thinking that I really need to get a more family friendly boat........ Rooooar!

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    Would you be willing to sell the headers or do they go with the boat?

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