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Thread: Pre-test for Refinery operator

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    The first test usually consist of I believe four parts. Math, comprehension, mechanical aptitude, and basic chemistry.
    The math is basic math up to if I remember maybe some algebra.
    Comp is reading a paragraph and then answering questions about what you just read.
    Mech app is usually pictures, like a couple of pulleys, showing which way they turn and then asking how the last one would turn. Lifting a box with a rope over a pulley different ways and which would be easier. Various size gears turning, which is faster.....that sort of stuff.
    And then the chem is basic stuff like, what gas is in the blimp, bleach is it a acid or base, what type of heat does the sun give off, etc.
    all are mostly multiple choice, I have a friend trying to get in also, and looking for some info myself. that is mostly what I remember about it though.
    should be able to find basic test prep info on those subjects though.
    Good luck
    This is correct if they have not changed it since 1994. I worked there and took their entrance test. If you are looking to go into operations, the test includes a pc based operator control test. Almost impossible if you have no prior experience. It is a timed test with emergency situations where you have to page to multiple screens to determine the cause of the malfunction and correct it.
    I had the highest score ever recorded so they tell me, but I also had 20 years experience at Texaco prior to testing. i quit after 3 years there. Refinery workers have no life. Shift work sucks and the refinery politics are unbelievable. The money is great but the sacrifice in social and family time is not worth it. If you are a loner who doesnt need sleep go for it!

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    i can remember one of the questions on the exxon test was, what kind of acid is injected when a bee bites you????

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    test question number 1.
    whats the easiest way to maximize profit
    answer:a. raise the price of gas till it hurts?
    b. pump rape
    c. marry an arab
    d all of these and more
    he answer is d
    hope i was of help

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    Chevron refinery is covered under PACE (Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy union) . I should know, I work there
    thanks for playing
    Are you in maintenance, operations, or management?

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    Refinery Operator Trainee at Valero, need test question hints.

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    Refinery Operator Trainee at Valero, need test question hints.
    Its basically a ADVAB test. Math, mechanical, chemical and comprehension. Its timed, don't worry about answering all the questions, woory about answering AS MANY as you can correctly.

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