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Thread: For sale: Hondo T-deck drag Boat, turn key

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    1975 Hondo T Deck, Runner Bottom, Drag Boat or River Racer.
    Completely Restored front to back a few years ago.
    Less than 1 hour run time
    Built By KRE Racing in Lake Havasu City , AZ
    454 C I Chevrolet Balanced Big Block
    Crower Forged Steel Crank
    GM Steel Rods
    JE 12.5 to 1 Forged Pistons
    New Ported and matched 990 Big Valve heads with Manley Swirl polished Valves.
    Solid Lunati 620 Lift Cam, 254/264 Duration
    Crane Roller Rockers and Push Rods
    Crane Double roller chain
    Weiand Polished Tunnel Ram
    Dan Olsen 10qt Pan.
    Brand new Entire fuel system including New Dual Holley 750 Double Pumper Carbs, Linkage, Carter HP Elect Fuel Pump, Regulator, all Steel braided lines everywhere.
    Bassett Chrome Zoomie exhaust.
    Glenwood Cam driven water Pump.
    Approx 645HP.
    V Drive:
    Rebuilt like new Casale 10 Degree In/Out V Drive with BRAND NEW Whirlaway prop release, New s/s prop shaft, Bearings, seals etc,18 Gears.
    Newer Hall craft Inboard Cable steering.
    11X15 2 Blade prop, spins @7100 RPM
    Hull Painted PPG 141 Orange, with Red/ Yellow /Blue painted Flames on both Deck and Sides.Weight of hull is Approx 585Lbs.
    All components are new.
    Bottom is Speedcoated.
    Floor and stringers are like new and flo-coated in Black.
    Boat has NEVER been hurt or in any accident.
    Optima Blue Top battery, with new Starter and Start Lock Out.
    Black Plated Cave plates with Down and Up Pedals with lock out.
    This boat is current 2008 NJBA and IHBA Legal, has cut off /line release.
    Trailer completely redone painted black with new Crager S/S wheels and tires 1 1/2 years ago, in really nice shape.
    You must see this Flatbottom T Deck Hondo, probably one of the nicer ones around, and at really great give away price.
    Boat Runs 9:90’s at 102-103 MPH in the Quarter Mile.
    great 10 second class boat.
    About 18K invested.
    Have titles to boat and trailer in hand.
    Reason for selling : Sponsored $75,000 Dragster Is In My garage, need to move this toy and go to the next one!
    Call Tony @ 916 933-5750 for more info if needed
    I Have 25 pictures so let me know what you want to see
    Price $9,500 OBO takes!

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    very nice boat looks like a very good deal.

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    have no pm's so a few questions?
    runner depth??
    saddle tanks??
    what ocatne fuel does 12.5 require?
    please send pic's to

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    Thanks for the comments!
    Stuck it on ebay too see more pics at:
    Has two saddle tanks ,only the right side is hooked up.
    Runner depth is 5/8,but it also has been worked towards the outside runner just a bit,bottom is perfect.
    Runs 104 Octane when racing or you can run a pump mix if your just going out cruising and not running above 6K.
    Yes this is a deal,but my plans have changed for now and wont be able to use the boat and I know this is a bad time to sell unless you stick something on this site cheap (like I did).
    Probabaly worth $11-$12K or more in the summer.
    Hate to sell it.
    Tony 916 933-5750

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    This boat s for sale again. :idea:

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    spill it Bobbo..shoot me a pm on this

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    from the ebay pics looks to be the best deal out will be gone fast.:idea:

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