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    My dad and I are looking into a new prop selection. The boat is a 21 foot hallett vector running a 250 xs optimax with about 6-8 inches of set back. Currently for skiing we are running a 21 pitch High Five and we will run about 55 -60 mph at WOT. Its been decided that there will never be a prop that will completely solve the top end and hole shot problems for this boat. So does anyone know what the best top end props would be? Could you please give me pitch numbers as well. Thank you.
    P.S. the boat has seen 70 running a bravo offshore

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    Kim Hanson
    I have a 20' Hydrostream with a V8 Evinrude and use a 30 pitch Chopper...............( . )( . ).........Good for 100+ :idea:

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    I have a 20' Hydrostream with a V8 Evinrude and use a 30 pitch Chopper...............( . )( . ).........Good for 100+ :idea:
    Is that the one that BREAKS every time you take it out? :jawdrop:

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    Kim Hanson
    Is that the one that BREAKS every time you take it out? :jawdrop:
    So you have heard of her eh! ............( . )( . )............The last one wasn't really broke, more like missing a few pieces......really small stuff Its so bad it sounds like a vdrive with mufflers ......

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    For best top end your better off with a 3 blade as mentioned. I think a 30 may be a bit to high of pitch for your combo. A 28 chopper11 would be better. But If I were you I would sacrifice a few mph for better hole shot and midrange. A 26 or 28 drag4 by Performance Propellers would work great on your hull and motor combo. The 26 you may even be able to ski with and hit 70+mph. If you can try both of them the same day that would be best. I would also give Todd at Hydromotive Propellers a call and ask him what he has that would work for what you want. His props are second to none!! I still think going 4 blade is the way to go. Three blades like the chopper11 and ET, Mazco,Hoss tritons ect will all suffer out of the hole with the displacment of your hull and power. 26 4blade will give you the best of both worlds i think. The hydromotive Quad XOB in a 26 will rip!

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    eliminator dude
    chopper.....probably 26 to 28 pitch...going to need something with alot of bow lift....4 blade will push a heavier boat quicker but you'll get more top end out of a 3 might want to add a little more set back...around 8-10 inches total...i may be wrong contact hallet they can give you better advise

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    How many revs at wot Mr H

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    Lets start with gear ratio, prop pitch and type you are running now and maximum rpms you can turn now.

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