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Thread: youth skiing

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    We have a young friend and we want to teach their oldest son to ski.
    how long should the ski be? He is 51" tall and weights a wopping 65 lbs
    thanks for your time

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    Because he's so light, he won't need a very long ski. I would go with the shortest ski you can find as long as it isn't shorter than he is tall. There are plenty of websites that can recommend a ski. I would try to find a place like Sun 'n Ski Sports. Their watersports guru will be able to give you more informtaion than any website. Good Luck!

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    Are you talking about teaching him to ski on one ski? Does he know how to ski on two? If it's one ski, don't go too small, use the biggest ski he can control in the water. The more surface area you can start with, the easier it will be. I've taught dozens of kids to get up on a slalom, and I get back there with them on a pair of old trick skis, and hold their jacket to steady them while they learn what it feels like to get up. Once they are up and skiing a little bit, starts are much, much easier.

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