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Thread: Tahiti JETBOAT History

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    Some History !
    I pass by one of those every Day (the Boat) Sitting in a Storage Yard Uncovered

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    That looks like the ad I sent to Old Rigger.
    That girl is only 135 lbs, the camera put on the other 170 lbs..
    After the picture, they should have rolled her back into the ocean to be with the rest of the whales.
    That is one funny ad.

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    It seems to me Tahiti was trying to appeal to a wider market share !

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    Jake W
    One of my favorite stories is how Tahiti bought one of the new Omega bowrider modles that Omega was planing on showing in the LA boat show for the first time and Tahiti put their interior and badges in it and said it was their new model and took orders for them and they had not even made a splash mold of it yet.

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    Damn! With as light as the layup was on those decks, I'm surprised they got that shot before it collapsed!

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    The reason for this ad with the (Playboy Bunny Logo) and the fat chick was to make fun of Spectra.
    A couple of Playmates were given Spectra 20's as gifts from Playboy in the early 1970's. Spectra ran a couple of ads with the Playmate driving her red & white Spectra 20 by the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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    Jet City
    Holy shit, her legs look like a pair of torqueflight's. With marketing like that, no wonder Shuster isn't around today.

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    thanks for posting that add. that is the one spectrabrent sent me. I shrunk it 50% and then Flatbroke put it on a cd for me. Funny thing is, that's not the picture I remember hanging in the shop. The model was in a different postion in the other, kinda sprawled on the deck if I remember right. You really can't tell from this pcture, but the model looks a lot like Mimi from the Drew Cary show.
    Still pretty cool, thanks Brent.
    hey JakeW, that was at Hawaiian (Tahiti II) where we splashed that Omega, called it the moonraker.
    jet city rebel, don't lose any sleep wondering why Schuster isn't around any more. He lasted more than almost any of the builders, (original owners I mean, not just by company name) easily built more boats than any of them, and retired to his waterfront house in Huntington Harbor years ago.
    shit.............. we should all have it that bad!

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    Originally posted by old rigger
    thanks for posting that add. that is the one spectrabrent sent me. 0 No problem dude I kept it in my files as well, I have several now!

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