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Thread: Advantage Banshee with Mariner 2.4 EFI

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    sorry dog
    Well You Te,
    I guess the question is, if you didn't like your boat, and it happened sink because you were putting a fire out, do you call the insurance company? I mean it's an accident, right?
    Especially if it's in shallow water so it's easy for the insurance company to see what happened...

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    You Te
    It could be an accident, but then again, maybe not. I would think if not, deep water would be best, that way the insurance company would not supect a rat.
    You Te

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    H20 Party Starter
    Originally posted by DUCKY
    I would not like to post how fast it is......BECAUSE i ****ED UP AND IT SUCKS. I wish I could afford to have BARNEY spray mine. I think I'm good at repairs, but I stink at mold taping. I am not smart enough!
    Yeah........a good friend of mine in the industry told me you suck at everything

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    sorry dog
    Party Starter: Let's try to keep this thread on topic. We're talking about sinking boats, shallow water, and collecting insurance money. Do you have anything to add?

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    H20 Party Starter
    I heard they have some great insurance fraud techniques and tips on Evidently, the guy who runs the joint does it all the time

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    Originally posted by Rexone
    I split the S&F shiznit off to a seperate thread since this thread does have useful discussion. Lets keep it on topic. More of that stuff here and I'll lock it again permanently. Take that stuff to bench racers please.
    I'm not sure what part of the above was not clear.
    Thread locked.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have an Advantage Banshee with new engine: 871 blower 600 cu. in. GM with custom Bravo 3 outdrive and automotive racing hydraulic clutch inside bell housing, and clutch pedal under dash. Bought it from dealer selling for sick owner who was unable to talk much at all thanks to Parkinson's. I received 0 info on this boat basically. I have removed total from boat and doing it my way, and also reinforcing the transom. Other than that boat and everything in it is basically new. Never seen the water with this engine. Prior installed blown small block was tested in the water by builder a few times at well over 100mph. Looking for anyone that has ran these boats, knows anything about them, and how do they handle? Any transom problems? etc. There is no way the transom is strong enough for this outdrive or engine so beefing it up and adding struts and braces to be safe. There are no cracks anywhere or dry rot but want to be on the safe side. Used to run flat bottoms but old now with bad back so thought this tunnel would be smooth and safe unlike the flats I raced. I attached pictures, hope they work, first time for me posting. And if pictures work you will see the engine is way up there but boat is wide enough so should be ok. Would love to find guy who built the engine and did the out drive stuff? Hate to take it apart to see what was done custom since it's new. Driver seat is on right, I like the left or center so lots of work to do. Hate to loose a seat if I go center. Thanks to everyone who has posted stuff about the Advantage Banshee. Grant Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Boat with Patty 032.jpg 
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