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Thread: 26' Glastron-Carlson daycruiser jet

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    Just located a 1979 26' Glastron Carlson jet(Berkerley) with a 460 Ford(motor bad) that has been garage kept. Whats it worth?

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    Duane HTP
    I didn't know Glastron ever made a 26' Carlson. Could you please show pictures?

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    I was told this on the phone by a second party, going to look and verify tomorrow.

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    They Built 26' Glastron Carlson jets (not Many) now that you've found it all you have to do is get it on Plane from a Standing Stop. Motor Screaming, nose aimed at the Moon, it was Painful to Watch.

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    Duane HTP
    I can imagine!

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    Duane HTP
    One of those might be the perfect candidate for the new Dual Jet Drive with a 638 inch Chevy.

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    I own a 1978 23' Carlson Daycruiser Model CV 23. It has a Big Block Ford and Berk JF. The standard jetovator has been replaced with a Place diverter. I purchased the boat for $3350 and knew at the time I picked it up that the engine was suspect. It actually ran pretty good, right around 55 mph at wot. If you woul like to find some better value information you may be able to go to for some more info. I do not ever remember a 26' jet being produce by Glastron/Carlson. I am aware of a 27' model with twin 350's and merc stern drives. Good luck

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    At NADA guides they only have info. for 1971 for G/C, but under Glastron for 1979 they list a 26' with single or twins but no mention of jets, they are not very accurate though, many boats are not on their list and the facts are wrong on many of them. I really like daycruisers so that sounds like a fun & useful boat, especially if you have kids, or like to attempt making some while boating.

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    here ya go............
    theres also a link to Art Carlsons stuff further down the page.

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    Thanks Oldrigger, I hope to look at this boat tomorrow, been trying now for the last few days, but something always comes up. I was told 1500.00 would buy it. I just bought a 23' Wriedt jet day cruiser, or I would be real interested. I just want to see what it looks like.

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