View Full Version : 26' E-Ticket? Rumor or not

10-10-2007, 02:28 PM
I just read in the " best deckboat thread " that E-Ticket is coming out with a 26' deckboat. Is this true and does anyone have any info or renderings?
Larry makes an Awesome boat and a smaller one would be great.

10-10-2007, 03:27 PM
Yes, is the answer Lary is building a 26' E-ticket Deckboat. We have one on order and they are currently building the plug for it. I was just out at his facility yesterday checking on its progress, the goal is to have it at the LA Boat show. Its going to be a tough goal with all the unique ideas that Larry is integrating into this modern deckboat. We should have it in our booth at the LA boat show but if not we will have it shortly there after at our Design Facility in Anaheim Hills.
The boat is designed after the 29 and is very similiar just about 3ft shorter with a much larger rear swim step. It will be available with single engines only and is one sweet looking boat.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me, john@uniqueperformancemarine.com
Thanks John

10-12-2007, 11:14 AM
If anyone is interested in more info on this boat please feel free to contact me via email at john@uniqueperformancemarine.com or at 714-865-3502.
Thanks John

10-12-2007, 11:29 AM
do you have any drawlings of it, that you can post?

10-12-2007, 11:53 AM
Ill have to see what Larry has, if hes got anything in a digital format then I'd be more than happy to post it up for everyone to see.
Thanks John