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Thread: Love Boats? Love Money? Want a new JOB?

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    BoatNut Recruiter
    I'm looking to fill various positions in Antioch, San Jose, Livermore, Oakland, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Bernardino and Canoga Park....I've cut and pasted a brief "ad" overview. Please contact me at the e-mail below if you or someone you know, might be a good fit and I'll fill you in on what we have open, and where. Thanks, Kim
    WeÂ’re looking for enthusiastic, boat-loving achievers who will fit right in with the worldÂ’s largest dealer of the worldÂ’s #1 selling boats. Someone who doesnÂ’t mind a position that offers great career growth, the industryÂ’s best compensation package, and, yes, the opportunity to actually look forward to going to work.
    Due to record sales and aggressive growth plans, Olympic Boat Centers, with over 20 West Coast locations from San Diego to Vancouver B.C., is seeking passionate and enthusiastic boaters to fill the following positions:
    Store Manager
    Business (F&I) Manager
    Service Manager
    Marine Technician (Mercury Certification preferred)
    Expert Marine Installer/Rigger
    Marine Detailer
    Parts Specialist
    To apply fax resume to (425) 450-7427 or email or mail your resume to: Olympic Boat Centers, 13200 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005

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    what about part time sales..after about 3opm???

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    What about a position for a hot chick to stand near or molest the boats?? I want to do that...

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    Me too! :notam:

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    what type of boats are we talking about ??
    I own a boat so I'm qualified IN CASH FLOW :messedup:

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    I love boats and money but hate work, sorry i'll probally be on *** or all day. Still want to hire me??

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    what type of boats are we talking about ??
    I own a boat so I'm qualified IN CASH FLOW :messedup:

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    which could be quite profitable in san fran area - Ahhh SAN FRAN - home of the new and improved gayliner ...

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    He said Bayliner .... HU HU HU HU HU :messedup:

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    BoatNut Recruiter's not just Bayliners.....ahite :notam:
    We also sell and service Maxum, Trophy, and Merdian we get HOT BOAT trade ins all the time.
    Thanks to all of you who e-mailed with interest. Again, if its not right for one of you, it may be right for someone you know. Just wanting to get the word out...Thanks

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