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Thread: ***Stolen Quad**** Please help!!

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    I have a few friends in the area that had things stolen from boat storage units. They took everything! It looked like they had a lot of time because they also took the outdrive!!!!!!

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    Green or Red sticker number and the location of it.

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    My brother in law had his banshee stolen and recieved the insurance money and about 7 months later while riding at a place called silver lake here in Michigan he thought he saw his old banshee. He went over checked out the vin and no shiat it was his old bike.He went & called the cops and got the dude arrested plus another who helped in the heist. Pretty cool huh?? Hope you catch whoever stole your bike .

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    Thanks guys!!! If you could look around that would be a great help, so much human debris out there it's amazing!!! There was a lot more than just my bike stolen, there was a pretty big tip so I hope I see it again. They got 5 bikes from 5 garages and a enclosed trailer.
    It's the '04 Limtited Yamaha Banshee, all Black frame with black clipped fenders, most noticeable features are my raw Toomey pipes(which could now be painted) and the gold stock rims I had to borrow as I smoked the first set. My paddles are at home so I have no idea what could be on there. I know they paint the bikes really quick sometimes and just go ride them!!
    VIN# JY43GG0374C053244
    ENG# 3GG03-0053244

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