Thank god not one of the boats, but My Quad was stolen from the garages @ the front of River Shore Estates in Earp, Ca. Located on the CA side of the Parker strip. Last time I put the bike in the garage I chained it to our Crusier locked the garge and it's now gone. This was three weeks ago. I found out today the lock is cut and bike is gone. If you can help me in any way, I would be greatly in debt to you. Here is a list of some of the shit you will see easily on the bike. All my shit comes home for this reason, ****ing bastards!!
909-908-5514 or
'04 Yamaha Banshee Limited.
-T5 Toomeys
-Renthal Bars
-V-force reed cage
-Ricky Stator PIAA 4012 Baja lights
-Gold stock front rims with Black Rears
-No air box with single K&N's off each Carb.
-TC Billet thumb Throttle
- All case bolts were changed over to satinless socket heads!!!