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Thread: Another V-Driver gets ripped off!!!

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    BTW, nice lookin honey in that first photo!

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    Sounds like someone was doing some specalty Christmas "shopping", and new exactly where to look for the "presents". Good lkuck on retreiving adn I hope you catch the Basstards before the cops do :crossx: :crossx:
    "No officer, I have no idea why he is unconcious and bleeding, but can I get my boot back out of his azz?""

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    WILDERTHANU sorry to hear about that. There has been aaaaa lllloooottttt of stealing going on lately. People are going through houses and cars out here. My buddy chased one 3 blocks. Cops said it's pretty bad. If I hear or see anything we'll let you know!!!

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    BTW, nice lookin honey in that first photo!
    yes she is............but who is the dude with the funny lookin glasses??

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    nikki six, Im headed to the riv in about 20 minutes, let me know if you wanna pair up.I bumped up the nos hit just for you. :lightsabe give me a ring on the cell.
    sorry about your quad,Ive been there, its the worst feeling ever. Im hitting glamis one day this weekend, ill look around.

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