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Thread: More Dam Run Pics

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    Beach Party (looking South)
    Beach Party (looking North)
    Nodig's Crew
    So-Fa-King-Hot (say it fast!), winner of "Best Wet Bar" and "Best Looking Bar Maid" contests....... :rollside:
    HDD (Glen) tries to see how many people he can get on SYA's boat.....
    Gas Alley Float....with Shockwave Tom, Brenda, Lisa and others.....
    Gas Alley Sunset.....what a great weekend.....thanks Tom for organizing this "unorganized" event!
    If anyone objects to any pictures of you, send me a PM and I'll take them down.

    And thanks Rick (NoDigg) for letting me ride with you Friday and Saturday and for going out with me on Sunday to excercise my little boat's wakeboard tower!

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    Great pics Mike.....Thanks for coming out and hanging with us..

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    Great pics. Thank you :smile:

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    Great Pics...........thanks for posting!@#$

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    Thank you! :rollside:

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    good pics there sir

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    Excellant pics! I'm ready for some parting after check those out.
    Right on. :rollside:

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    Thanks for sharing!!!

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