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Thread: Concrete/Foundation contractor in SLO County?

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    broak shores
    I'm ramping up to begin construction on a small house in Oak Shores at Naci.
    Currently looking for a foundation/concrete guy(person)? Anybody know somebody that fits this description? I've been using the Yellow Pages but not getting any calls back. I hear it's busy in the SLO Area and Oak Shores is a bit of a trek from town.
    Will require trenches for stepped foundation and around 140 linear feet of forming/pouring.
    Any replies are appreciated.

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    Try this page. You should find somebody here that can help.

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    Try this guy...
    Visser Construction
    He's doing alot of foundations and block walls right now in the Paso area. I'm not sure if he'll go out to Oak shores due to the drive but worth a call anyway.

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    pm mike37 or framer1 on the boards. They live in Paso and are framing contractors. They might know somebody.

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    try Ritter construction 805-239-8458
    advanced concrete & construction 805-610-1936

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    and Hilyard concrete 805-489-4080

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    OH and rick Hudson I think he still lives out there at oak shores
    this is his cell# 805-441-0098 have talked to him in a long time but I think the number is still good

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    Try Kurt Rush Concrete.. They are in Camarillo @ 805-484-8649.. He is also very familiar with Oak Shores.. His Brother does concrete as well and he lives on Naci.. if Kurt is too busy.. Top quality work!

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    Try the ones Mike37 listed. They might not go to Oak Shores unless they are slow at work. At least Ritter and Advanced concrete. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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