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Thread: rolling the snow ball

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    Dimarco Kid
    Your right Ray, I'm not pushing my side of this any longer. Like Wet told me, you can't type "tone of voice", and before this really gets out of hand. I'll shut down. Everyone knows me well enough (I think) to realize I don't hate anyone, or hold any grudges. Just can't deal with negativity about something that happened that was so good.
    Plain and simple: The next time my wife and I come to any event it's all for one thing, fun. I'm coming to see Leena do her windmill, tease Rodge about his "foot cam", watch Bob and Ray look for that frog, see Big Daddy "beat" on his carb bowls! That's what I come for, I could give two shits about being in a magazine, havin t-shirts (which were great) having 100's of people showing up, being a "profit" or "non-profit" event. I come for the "REAL" things, man I pull almost 900 miles to do this, and there's only one reason I do, friends, not because it's the East Coast version of the "Coors Light Finals"! I see that there's some of us that don't have those same values, which is is fine. That's why I only had VOICED MY OPINION on leaving it alone. I DID say everything can be improved (which ment little things like getting everyone in one spot etc...) but man, it was our first time!
    You'll never live long enough to make me be a part of something that doesn't center around FRIENDS. I think some of you guys agree. I'm not here to IMPRESS anyone with this huge regatta we put on, or to make headline news with it, I am here because I like you guys and girls, and that all that matters to me. I'm over this childest topic.
    D Kid

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    Mrs. Dimarco Kid
    Man oh man! I really don't know where to begin with this. I have not been as closely involved as many of you guys have been since the beginning of this, other than listening to Mr. D Kid tell me about everyone and the plans. I was excited as hell, and as nervous as hell, to pull 900 miles to a place I'd never been to spend a weekend with people I didn't know. BUT as soon as we got there, the first people to greet us were Dan and Vallory, and I liked them instantly. Then WetDream, who I teased about wanting to know his "real" name, and I liked him right off as well! Then the list grew as more and more boaters arrived through Friday afternoon! And I liked everyone! Whew, what a relief that was! But to back up a bit, the first person I got to know was Nitro. We emailed, talked on the phone, etc. I think he is a good guy with good intentions. I'm not sure why, even though I've asked him outright, why he is so determined to leave this group and do "his own thing." But in the end, it does not really matter. If that is how he feels, I know you all agree with me, that it is too bad Anna was not as he had hoped. BUT it was the first and awesome as it was, can you imagine what next year will bring?!?!?!? BUT only week later we all sit here in front of this little box in our homes, typing away, trying to express our feelings over all of it...tell me what is the first thing that comes to mind.....AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, ****IN' GREAT TIME and GREAT let's keep that in mind, put these negative thoughts behind us, focus on upcoming events, wish everyone well, and go from there! As hard as we try, we can't make everyone happy. And all of this is ruining what was a long planned event by EVERYONE!!! Don't let that happen!!!! Just keep telling yourselves, WE ARE THE BEST! WHAT A ****IN' GREAT TIME! CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN! As Mr. D Kid said, think of Big Daddy beating on his boat! Mrs. Fat Rat and her deathly windmill action! Rich waxing his boat and taping up Hot Rod so he doesn't spill his drink! Where is that damn frog?? Roger, does your boat not idle or something????? Oh, I see, yeah, it does sound good with that extra duration you get with a little foot action! WetDream SHOULD change his name to the Grillmeister! Sue and Helena needing their own little boat to gather up all the riff-raff for us! These are the memories I have and I DO NOT want them ruined by all this negativity! So come on guys....lets just drop it....ignore any further posts....and dream about upcoming times!
    As Mr. D Kid says,
    Mrs. Dimarco Kid

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    Mrs. Dimarco Kid

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    Mrs. 66 Stevens

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    I would like to chime in with a great big EXCELLENT ! You folks did a great job organizing . I want to point out that everybody contributed by getting their boats ready and behaving civily , we put on quite a show and I can't wait to do it again ...I am still smiling ... Oh Yeah, snowballs all melt and go back to the lake to be rolled again ... Kudos to all.... mawnster

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    i put this post up last night to vent my feelings and move on in life,that was it ,it wasnt an attack on anyone or ment to be negative ,your beliefs are just that.
    jason thanks for the honesty ,you a hell of a good guy

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    Wet Dream
    Ok, can we close this subject now? Nitro, you vented to the public and most everyone involved responded. We have Havre to get through and the Anna plans can rest until after that. If you feel you still want to vent, please do so in an email to all of us, or an individual. There are too many strong positive feelings about last weekend. If you feel you need to bash it on the boards and try to ruin next year because of your own disappointment, please understand that you are the only one. Nobody wants to lose you, but I don't think its fair to anyone to sit here and listen to your crying that things didn't go your way when you had to go to work. Not our fault buddy.
    If at a later date you feel that you still want out, we can't stop you. You want to do your own thing, go ahead, but as far as Anna goes, its looking like things are great just the way they are.
    Please just let this topic die and we'll pick this up as the "committee" (group of people, not one) resumes at a later date.

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    Mrs. 66 Stevens
    I agree 100%

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    Dimarco Kid
    Originally posted by Mrs. 66 Stevens:
    I agree 100%
    Who dat? Who dare? Is that you Dan? You aren't fooling us! LOL
    D Kid

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