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Thread: Long time lurker, first time poster

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    Hello all!!!!!! I am a long time lurker and first time poster, hopefully I get this right. If I mess it up hopefully one of you fine folks will set me straight. I am tring to post pics. of but I can't get them to fit. Well everyone have a great night.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Just make sure they are a max of 600 pixels wide before you upload them...

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    You are in trouble HH was the first to welcome you, he must be looking for new friends....

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    Thanks for the info I'll have to resize my saved photos and try it again

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    Forkin' Crazy
    You can also post them in the Image center (http://www.*** and use a hyper link to link them here..... I hope I used the right jargon... :boxed:

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    Welcome, you'll get the pic thing going in no time.
    Originally posted by Rexone
    First thing is you must have your image hosted somewhere on the internet.. This can be ***boatimage center or elsewhere, doesn't matter. What you can't do is have it on you own computer and have it appear in a thread.
    Assuming you done the above...
    Bring the image up on screen wherever you have it hosted (we'll assume ***boat image center for now).
    Right click on the image
    A drop down menu will appear at the bottom will be properties
    Click on properties.
    A window will popup showing information on the photo.
    One of the thing will be the URL address which starts with http....
    Highlight the address (starting with the http) with your cursor
    Go do edit on your tool bar (edit) and click "copy" (this copys the address you just highlighted to the clipboard on your computer)
    Now go to the thread you want to post in (a second window open is handy for this)
    When you post you will see a series of buttons at the top of the posting window.
    Click on IMG. ( the little mountain button at the top with the moon, it will say insert image when you move your mouse over it)
    A separate window will pop up that will have http.... in it. The http... will be highlighted. Hit delete. Now the box will be blank.
    Now go to your tool bar again (edit) and click on "paste".
    This pastes the address of the picture (which you copied earlier) into the little window.
    Click done or whatever it says to complete. You will now see the image address code appear within your posting window.
    Its important you only have one http series within your IMG tags which is the reason we hit delete above. Otherwise you end up with two and it won't work.
    When finished your code should look something like this (with no spaces) and substituting [ ] for my ( ).
    You can type message above or below the IMG tags but don't disturb them or anything between them because that is your picture address code.
    In other words you could have...
    Hi, this is my boat
    For more info call such and such.... and so on.
    In the above example one line of text would appear above your photo and one below. The part between the IMG tags is your photo.
    hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome

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    did ya get the picture posting thing down yet?

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    Welcome...where are the pics?

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