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Thread: place droop vs. berk. droop

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    Hardin18 II
    Whats the difference. Is one better than the other? Does the Place ride plate help? There is also the HTP snoot, whats up with this?
    I have an 18 ft. Hardin Marine (Caribian) 454, Berkeley pump with stage 2 work done.
    Thanx for any info given.

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    The Berk is a better choice than the Place. The Place chokes down at the entry to the droop....causing unwanted turbulence where as the Berk does not. I believe the HTP one has a better shape than most others out there....but no droop. A cast one (well engineered w/ good clearances) would probably would sell better than the billet one.

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    What about american turbine droop?

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    What about american turbine droop?
    That's the one that I ended up with. Jack said some of the earlier ones (a/t) did not have the socket cut correctly leading to clearances being too loose. Checked w/ my diverter @ the time of purchase = OK. Still, there are some minor changes I'd make if I were engineering it. :mix:

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    PC Rat
    What about the divider inside? I've heard a few that say to get rid of it.

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    hey what about the snoot from htp? is it better or what. has anyone ever tested the same boat with and without different types of droops and the snoot? seems a stright lines would be faster and better then a S turn. just my 2 cents worth.

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    seems a stright lines would be faster and better then a S turn. just my 2 cents worth.
    Depends if the Hull could benefit from transom lift the "S" Droop would offer.

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    Duane HTP
    Correct answer Hammerdown.
    The Snoot seems to work better with the faster boats. It makes it easier to get off the line more consistently and pushes the boat faster when it reaches a point to where the boat doesn't need any more lift. A lot of times the droop works better on a lower HP lake speed boat that has not yet reached the speed to where the hull design is lifting the boat enough. Race boats usually like the short straight Snoot, and the bigger heavier boats usually like the longer Snoot with about a 4 degree up angle on the steering pin axis.
    I suppose this is the proper time to let everyone know that we are now in the mold building process of building the Snoot in a cast version. Billet material price has gone up so bad in the past year that I can not even build the billet Snoots for what I was selling them for last year. This should make the price of the new Snoots comparable in price to the Droops. We hope at this point, that it won't cost any more to try a Snoot than it will cost to try a Droop. I think the demand for the Snoot has now reached the point that it won't take too long for me to recover the up front expense of all of the engineering and mold building expense. Time will tell. We are producing the short, (same length as a droop + 1/2"), straight Snoot first. If all goes well, we'll be on the long version by late summer. At this time, a close guess for the first ones out should be about 6 to 8 weeks. We'll need to do some pretty extensive testing before we put them on the market.

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    Mike F. Different bowls expel the water in different DIRECTIONS and in different AREAS! Different droops and extensions work diferently and more or less efficiently on different bowls. Those of us that have flowed the different bowls know that. We know what works best with what. Others have experimented their way into the knowledge. I've noticed through the years that nobodys talking. Everyone needs to make a living, research takes time and money. The people that are willing to pay for the set-up info are the ones going faster. As David Vizard (cylinder head guru and author) told me years ago:"any info that I will release in any of my books and articles is at least 5 years old, only the CUSTOMERS get the latest scoop. Free info is old info." If you think info on these boards falls into a different category, lotsa folks would be happy to sell you some swampland. I'm not a cynic, just a realist. TIMINATOR

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    P.S. I AM NOT BAGGING ON DUANE!!!! My prior post is NOT directed at anybody specifically! Don't anybody get your panties in a wad! TIMINATOR

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