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Thread: Dumb Q re: flushing engine water passages

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    Mighty Thor
    I feel silly asking, but can I just hook up a hose an run water through the engine water passages or does the engine have to be running in order to keep water from entering the engine through the exhaust logs? I had assumed that the water enters the exhaust system down stream of the humps but I would feel totaly stupid if I hook up a hose and fill the cylinders through the exhaust.
    I have a 460 with the factory exhaust logs on my Glastron CVX 20. When I got the boat the engine was not in place & I don't know what may have crawled in the various holes. Engine is currently on the stand and I was going to flush it out before putting it back in the boat.

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    Don't do it, the weep holes in the header bends won't let the water out(into the bilge) fast enough and you WILL get water in the cyls. Put a shut off valve in the exhaust water line. Turn it off and flush it out.

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    Oops, you have logs. Dunno about that. sorry

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    Raise the nose of the boat with the trailer jack and flush away. The snails should keep the water out of the exhaust. Just dont overdo it with the water pressure. Make sure the water lines are connected correctly. The water out of the block should exit behind the snails.

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