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Thread: Stolen SS headers

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    posting for Walt
    Some crook stole a set of custom SS polished headers from a new customer who lives in San Jose, but he didn't get the water lines! So if anyone has someone come up and ask if they are interested in a set of 454 BBC SS polished headers, let me know at Walt's Hot Boat (www.walts*** .
    There is a reward for them.

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    That Hurts, We'll All Keep Our Eyes N Ears Open.

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    Were can you find stainless steel headers? are they only a custom order?

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    they were custom built....high $$$$$

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    UBFJ #454
    Were they 'Stepped Headers' or have standard ? size primary tubes? Did they have Burns Collectors? A bit of a description would help in watching out for what was Stolen.
    Also, everyone should remember that SS Headers on anything other than high performance race boats or expensive OffShore boats is Very NoteWorthy ... Perhaps, whomever stole them doesn't really know what they are and will try to put them on their street rod ... Love to be there when their trying to figure that one out.

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