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Thread: Hot Boat & 63 stevens

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    Congrats to 63 stevens for geting your boat in hot boat mag
    looks great, and they did a nice job on the history of your boat.
    way to go Rick & family.

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    Couldnt find a nicer guy at Needles. Thanks for the Pics and Prints. Had Fun hangin out with you all. Frank was very cool. Glad to see ***boat is finally doing what people want to see. Hopefully you all could come to Vegas Soon. John...Corleone17

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    I had the chance to see it at Lake Perris, it definately is clean in and out. Congrats!

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    I can only admire the originality and devotion. I have always enjoyed being different. And when asked "Why do you want to do that?" I say because I can. Thats what it's all about... Bitchin' Boat !!!

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    Having never seen this boat before is that a Nailhead with reversed porting? Beautiful boat

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    OH YEA its a nailhead alright... Damn impressive too... :2purples:

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    do something backwards and everyone is impressed. J/K
    Talked with him awhile at Longbeach, nice guy. There is a lot of subtle things on the boat that you don't notice right away.

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    Thanks everyone for all the kind words. It is pretty cool to see your own boat on print. Thanks again.

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    Why does exhaust go to manifold?Very nice boat.

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