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Thread: 427 chevy, good deal or bad deal

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    Ive got a guy with a chevy 427 in a semi, I believe it to be tall deck, the motor is stuck but ran 10 yrs ago, $400 good deal or bad???

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    Yeah, those were tall-deck, as they had 4-ring pistons. Small port heads for truck use. Being stuck, something is amiss. I would say $100-150 as a core. Tops.

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    Im looking for a builder and BB's in my area are very very scarce and therefore very expensive, is the 427 tall block a good jet motor????

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    flat broke
    The 427 tall deck block is a good base to build from because the taller deck height allows you to run a longer stroke while keeping a better rod angle.

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    Depends on where your area is, I can provide one, but he's in Bakersfield.

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    One of my favorite jet boat motors for anything from mild to wild are 496's. Take that tall deck 427 if it checks out good, bore it .60 or .30(489ci) and put a 4.25" stroke crank in it and go from there as money allows. Where you go from there obviously depends on how much you have to spend. You are going to have to have some decent heads so try and save up if you have to for some good ones. You don't have to go with aluminum heads if they aren't in the budget. There are some cast heads that will work good on this size motor depending on how wild you want to go. How much power do you want to make? What type of boat is it going in and what will you be doing with this boat? It really doesn't cost much more at all to build a 489-496 than it does a 454-468 and I would recommend it if you can afford to do so.

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    I paid more than that for my bare std./std. 427 tall deck, but it had been magged and sonic checked according to the seller. Its a good deal if its still good,but you wont know till you tear it down and have it checked.
    If your on a tight budget, go for it.If you have the extra cash just get a dart block and be done with it.

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    will standard BB heads fit the tall deck?

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    will standard BB heads fit the tall deck?
    Yes, but you will need a tall-deck intake.

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    Depends on where your area is, I can provide one, but he's in Bakersfield.
    Just reread your comment, what I meant was that I was looking for a buildable motor, I do my own building (always done small blocks though)

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