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Thread: BRAND NEW STATIC-FILMS.NET SITE(dedicated Circle Racing and Regatta boat Site)

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    The New site is up and running we will be adding new feature ever week so keep checking back we have forums member image upload. Video up load (Soon) MANY MANY MANY FEATURES to COME... SIGN UP NOW AT

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    Cool site, just signed up!..

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    Thank you Go Fast .... i hope that EVERYONE enjoys the site ....its something new for the vdrive community

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    Couple New Features
    Memeber PM's
    Image Gallery (Working now)
    Last Seen (See who was on the site and how long ago)
    A couple K pictures i uploaded to get things going.
    courtesy of Mark

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    Chris Kenner - PS681
    Well done mate, looks great!!! Hows progress on DVD video raw footage from last weekend at Firebird, please!!!! Need something new to watch when drinking beers.

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    Lots of new features added to the new site. a video of gordys kilo run should be posted sometime tommarow. Check it out .... (

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    your sign-up section shows all black....... how does that work-?

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    i just checked the signup looks like its running fine to me....9 people have signed up this morning try it again

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