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Thread: Never Forget!

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    the fallen....
    will there be a special meaning for you this weekend?
    for our FDNY!

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    There is a documentary on right now on the NGC, it's pretty good........

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    Hey Debbolas, is Scream in this pic? He mentioned in another thread that he would be hanging with some FD guys and helpin with the fillin of the boot.
    This is my friends wife, i took the pic and then sent it to my wife, she's got a thing for firefighters, go figure :smile: is he the guy in the back with the Mustache?

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    This is my hubby, (also check out the fro dude in my sig)
    Our friend Ahhell was collecting for the fire department, his son is an explorer, and they had to "fill the boot". Scream was mostly in the stands drinking beer and cheering the race with his nephew

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    Oh well, hope they had a good time, we did, always do at the track be there again next month.

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    This is ahhell and his wife and their jet boat.......
    The guy in the back LOOKS like my man, but he wasn't wearing a fire shirt.......maybe Ahhell knows who that is

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    I think the original question was more like...
    will there be a special meaning for you this weekend?

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    Yes, there will be my wifes cousin died in the south tower we are having a little family get together to commemorate his death. So yes it will have special meaning for us personally, but also to remember all of the others who were lost, and the brave souls who went and gave their lives to save as many as they could. For those in the aircraft as well, the heroes of Flight 93, and those lost on the other flights.

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