Bought an old 1986 Se Ray 32' Pachanga with twin 454s and OEM Alpha drives. (Bizarrely the same drives as were on my 160 horsepower twin 27 foot Chapparel) The motors have 90 and 100 hours on them (replacements) - don't know the vintage of the motors - but figure one is a 330 hp and the other a 340 hp.
The boat weight 6200 lbs dry. Add 800 pounds for fuel, 400 pounds for two adults, another 200 pounds of whatevers, carry aboard stuff etc - or total around 7600 pounds. Peaking out at around 650 horsepower? Stainless steel "magnum" props. Don't know pitch - seem bent for speed and not torque. 1.3 to 1 drive ratio.
It's a run-around boat and I figure putting on superchargers would just blow the outdrives, nor worth the bucks into an under $10K boat.

What sort of top speed am I looking at? The seller said 60 mph. I figure around 54-55ish?