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Thread: V drive - prop shaft alignment

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    V drive - prop shaft alignment

    I have a 77 Spectra. 24 ft with an Ace Champion v drive gear box. I had to replace the bearings and I have it back in the boat. So I have already read everything I can find about setting up the alignment of the gearbox to the prop shaft hub.But the information I have found are for drives with jacking bolts and solid mounts. Anybody have the procedure for setting up a champion or Casale C500 gear box?
    The clearance measurements I am getting seem to be all over the place with the isolator type mounts.
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    Putting a small shaft into the V-Drive coupler letting it hang out. Pull the prop shaft up to the small shaft. Now use a six inch straight edge to see if they are in alignment in all directions. This will get you close. Make sure the shaft into the coupler is tight.

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    V drive prop shaft alignment

    Ok guys, I have a 1995 extended cab sonoma with a two piece drive shaft, Does anyone make a flange that bolts to the flat flange yoke on the rear axle, It is flat with four bolts, I need an after market piece so I can use a u joint

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