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Thread: the EasyOff came in any NO?NO's for removing painted letters

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    Should be able to get to them tomorrow.

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    make sure the letters your trying to get off, are'nt on top of other paint that would be effected by the easy-off!

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    The boat is also painted...Good Auto/Marine Paint I think/hope.
    Picture 1 before.
    Picture 2 Masked off with trash bags and generic masking tape.
    Picture 3 after 3 good sprays and 2 minutes sitting time then 1 minute of scraping with a Plastic Bondo spreader (could have had something stiffer)
    Picture 4 after spraying again and letting sit about 2 minutes with 30 seconds rub time.
    Might have gotten a little yellow lettering paint scuffed into the other clear/colors as the main paint dulled out a bit (could also see where the old lettering was removed...the paint under the lettering is nice and new shiny looking)
    The Easy-Off did a very nice job with little effort.
    All in All I would do it again and recommend the Easy-Off method.

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    The easy off works great, and the yellowing that you see is actually from the easy off. I did the same thing to the back of my Hallett, which had lettering on top of white gel coat, and there was a yellow residue left there after the letters were removed. I gave it a couple passes with white viniger, and the yellow was gone. a little buffing and waxing afterwards, and it was as good as new.

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    the EasyOff came in any NO NOs for removing painted letters

    Please see and a nice list of Tutorials.
    Here is of tutorials. Please add on to this thread any tutorials you find on this forum for KT that you felt were useful and think they should be part of a "KT online manual". a.k.a. the KT Wiki Thanks.

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