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Thread: WTB/BBC Polished Tunnel Ram With Carbs

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    WTB/BBC Polished Tunnel Ram With Carbs

    HI. I have to start by saying I don't have a race boat, but you boaters have some great parts your selling. I'm looking for a BBC Polished tunnel ram with carb & rectangle/square ports, from 700CFM to 850CFM & maybe linkage, for my show/drag car. I'm 69 & have some artifical parts so racing is out. War, cancer, & an ex-wife took it's toll. I have a 461 BBC, aluminum heads, with 12.5 to 1 compression. I just want to add something new this year for the people. I still light the tires up after the show. I love speed & all the sounds & smells that go with it. I burn 110 to 112 racing fuel, so the smell is there. You can tell I'm old & single, I TALK TOO MUCH!!!
    Maybe I can get a couple pictures on here.
    thanks alot
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