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    We'll I may have a motor prob. I ran it for 15 or 20 seconds a couple times after new starter with only 5 not 10 quarts in the pan and now it's hard to turn over. Could I have scored the bearings? I've started junkyard motors that have sat along time that took minutes of cranking without noticeable bearing problems. Could the pump have got stiff? Is it just the 4 Allen bolts to uncouple it?i put a priming tool on it with a half in drill turning it and it took like a min for oil to reach the head through. The pushrods and it just trickled out could the oil pump be bad from sitting ? I could use some advice hear I'm no mechanic but I've always done my own work. If some one had the time to chat that knows motor I would be thankful. Bruce 503 798 3281 cell oh ya found it has roller rockers crowler 1.7
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