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Thread: 97 Maxum Mercruiser Alpha 5.7 replacing the trim/tilt control with Seastar CH1752P

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    97 Maxum Mercruiser Alpha 5.7 replacing the trim/tilt control with Seastar CH1752P

    Hi guys I finally got down to replacing the old 3000 Classic remote control with a new and improved CH1752P from Seastar. The wiring on the 3000 classic included he yellow/red wire, the 2 purple wire for off/run function and there are 4 more wires that go to the trim/trailer buttons. There is a purple/white, red/blue, light blue/white, and green/white. Looking inside the remote the red/blue and light blue/white go to the trailer button where the red splits and continues up to the trim along with the purple/white and the green and white. Now the CH1752Phs 2 different buttons supposedly the top for trim and the bottom for tilt/trailer even though they both look identical with up/down arrows and green, red and blue wires. I hooked up the red as a split for both trim and tilt like on the 3000 classic(trailerswitch picture) and then connected the trim (top button CH-1752P) to all the corresponding colors, red/white to red/blue, purple to blue/white and green/white to green/white, so I am left with red/white to red/blue and blue/white to blue/white, for the bottom button for tilt or ( old trailer function). So the tilt works but the trim only works down the blue to purple/white doesn't do anything. Does anyone know the wiring on the 97 Merc Alpha 5.7 from the old to the new? Thanks in advance.
    Pictures include:
    1) the actual new control box CH-1752P which shows the bottom switch with a 3 wire harness(blue/white, red/white, green/white) the top trim switch on the handle is identical
    2)4wire harness is the harness for the trim/trailer combo on the old 3000 classic. The wires go from the boar harness to the control box harness as: green/white to green, blue/white to blue, purple/white to purple and red/blue to red
    3)traileswitch picture shows the red and blue wire go to the trailer switch the red continues up to the following picture
    4)trimswitch which shows the wiring as red, purple and green. So red is the 12V blue and green are the up and down and the purple is the limit tilt or trailer.
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