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Just bought this Advantage Banshee a few months back from agent for owner with severe Parkinson's. Basically only information I got was he ran it a few times in the lake with blown sb Chevy well over 100mph. Then he built new current ''they say'' 600 cu. inch blown/871/intercooled GM block with new custom Bravo 3 and hydraulic racing clutch inside bell housing with clutch pedal under dash. Found a few things I want to change. But most important the transom is no way strong enough for this outdrive or HP. To much flexing of transom for me when jumping on outdrive. No dry rot or cracks anywhere. Pulled total out of boat including out drive, and will add braces and struts to transom. Capping stringers with aluminum and better engine mounts. Rest of boat is super strong and beautiful. I have allot of questions about this boat and can't seem to find anyone who knows these boats inside and out. One question I have is did they make a custom drive shaft from out drive to end of crank where it enters the bushing just like a car or truck. It has a pressure plate and clutch disc just like a car but high dollar stuff. Drive shaft is stiff and comes out of out drive with no universal joint and splined for clutch. I wanted to plate the transom with aluminum inside and out but then the drive shaft won't reach the end of rear of crank bushing. So will have to settle with braces and struts running from transom to stringers as far forward as possible. Anyone ever seen anything like this? The guy didn't skimp on anything. Also thinking of left side or center driver seat instead of right side but hate to loose a front seat. Also need to fabricate a blower gear belt shield so the girls hair doesn't get in it. Belt almost touches back seat. Anyone knowing these boats please get in touch with me. Also wondering if I need cavitation plates. I guess the only way to find out is in the water. Used to race flat bottoms but old with bad back so thought this tunnel would be smooth riding and safer. Inside engine is best $ can buy from what I found so far. Not one tiny scratch on boat top or bottom. Waiting for someone to contact me that has ran these at least 130mph. Boat does have hydraulic trim and lift and power steering. Do these boats turn well?