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Thread: HELP! Can't Post From my Work Computer....

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    i deleted all my "cookies" by mistake last week and havent been able to log in to HB so that i can post. it is KILLIN' me. What do i need to do (besides rehab for ***boat addiction)? :cry:

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    Try typing in the search portion.......***boat forums sandbar is the only way I can log in at work.

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    I changed my password once and after that it let me on, showed me as logged on but said I didn't have access to post. I had to get a temporary screen name till they replied to my email. Then they only gave me a different password. I hated being in FORCED rehab. I will NEVER chage my password again. Just so I won't forget it again, Ill post it here it's GMkillersux. (some of you will understand)

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