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Thread: problems posting

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    Anyone else besides me having a problem posting tonight, or is it my computer??? :argue:

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    Tells me that there is a problem, but it posted anyway.

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    Anyone else besides me having a problem posting tonight, or is it my computer??? :argue:
    The site is running sloooow...been doing this off and on for sometime now.

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    Yep. I wrote some info for someone in another section, then it gave me an error and lost it. I had to rewrite it, The second post is there, but no indication that I posted it is there.

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    Hmmn- It just did it again to my previous post.

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    "There seems to have been a slight problem with the ***boat Forums database.
    Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.
    An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.
    We apologise for any inconvenience."
    This is the message I get when I hit the "submit reply" button

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    If you notice when you reply to a post it isn't bumping you to the top of the thread colum, and also doesn't show the screen name of the last person to reply, also isn't keeping a tally of replies the posts post but the thread stays where it was wassuuppp??????? :argue: :cry: :argue: :yuk:

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