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Thread: Immortalized in the Daily News

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    From the Daily News today:
    Boater boasted of speed, privilege
    By Amy Raisin
    Staff Writer
    CASTAIC -- The thrill of hitting 149 mph in a
    customized speed boat and the tragic crash
    two days later while four boaters tried to
    top that speed is eerily immortalized in an
    online chat room for boat lovers.
    One of the four men killed
    when the craft crashed Jan. 11
    on Castaic Lake boasts of the
    149 mph accomplishment -- as
    well as the boaters' "in" at
    Castaic Lake, where the speed
    limit is 35 mph.
    On the www.*** (http://www.*** web site, where users
    must register to post messages, member
    "mrpumpsHTM" -- the screen name used by Chuck
    Wiseman, 46, owner of Mr. Pump Concrete in
    Castaic -- informed other users of the speed
    It was 9:15 p.m. Jan. 9, less than 48 hours
    before Wiseman and three friends died in
    Steve Coloumbe's speed boat, that he posted
    the following:
    "Today at Castaic Lake Steve from HTM tested
    his new 30-footer twin HTM ... an awesome
    speed of 149.999 ... and we ran out of props.
    We might do more testing later in the week.
    Not bad for a 30-foot boat."
    Acton-based HTM -- High Torque Marine -- was
    owned by Coloumbe, who designed and
    manufactured high-performance boats. Wiseman,
    Coloumbe and two HTM employees were testing a
    30-foot, twin-hulled catamaran prototype when
    the boat flipped and sank just before 2 p.m.
    that windy Friday.
    In the days leading up to the crash,
    Wiseman's near-150 mph claim quickly had
    become a hot topic on the message board.
    Posted by "warlock25" at 10:26 p.m., Jan. 9:
    "Wish we could have seen it run. Hopefully he
    will bring it to Havasu this spring or
    summer. I can't imagine what it must look
    like to see a 30-foot boat going 150 mph.
    What next?"
    "150 mph is some serious, serious speed. I've
    been 135 mph in a car a couple of times ...
    150 mph on the water would feel so much
    faster. Where were the cops?" a poster
    identifying himself as "rivercrazy" noted at
    5:09 p.m., Jan. 10:
    And then Wiseman -- his words still visible
    two months later -- posted a response that
    leaves questions about special treatment
    afforded to the high-profile boaters who
    tested their crafts at Castaic.
    Posted by mrpumpsHTM -- Wiseman -- at 5:28
    p.m., Jan. 10:
    "Castaic we kind of have an in ... but you
    didn't get that from me."
    Lifeguards at the popular recreation area,
    who asked not to be named, said supervisors
    had urged lifeguards to "look the other way"
    when certain boat manufacturers tested their
    latest designs on the water.
    County Parks and Recreation officials
    acknowledge that one local boat manufacturer
    is allowed to use a launch ramp at Castaic
    that usually is closed to the public. And a
    1990 internal memo from parks officials to
    lifeguards directs them to ease off and
    ticket boaters only after the third
    infraction, a move parks officials said at
    the time was aimed at over-zealous lifeguards
    and one that the lifeguards said never was
    Based on witness accounts and inspection of
    the broken boat at Castaic, a Los Angeles
    County Sheriff's Department investigation
    concluded that the boat was traveling 90 to
    120 mph when it flipped and sank in about 250
    feet of water.
    Wiseman's last entry on the message board,
    logged at 8:20 a.m. the day he died, was
    hauntingly prophetic:
    "It was the first shot, the first boat we got
    wet. Next time I think we will see a lot

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    Well its looks like Amy Raisin...
    Can't Understand Normal Thinking

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    What else would you expect from the news media. Anything to sell papers!!

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    Since Amy has visited this site and will probably check it again for any type of response, here's my .02...
    Amy, What a brilliant blurb in your paper. You managed to get 3 of the most important quotes that have ever been posted on *** to make your story. NOT! Amy, I think if you read ALL of the posts after the accident took place you may have picked up on something....We all learned a little something about life that day. Go back and read through it. As a matter of fact, I believe there was a topic about a group purchase of high performance life jackets and another on saftey tips. You didn't write anything about that.
    The way I see it is that after 4 people lost their lives in an accident, fellow boaters rallied around to do what they could to help. You didn't mention that Havasu Hangin' and Jetboat Brian helped set up a memorial fund either. You obviously don't understand this subculture.
    Like Mr. Havasucat said," Anything to sell papers."

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    Lets not forget to mention this either...
    Tunnel and Friends Memorial Regatta
    The event will be held at the Nautical Inn in Lake Havasu on June 7th and 8th, 2002.
    This event is not just for Tunnels, it will be open to everyone. Even if you don't have a boat come and show your support.
    This is a time to help our friends, who are dealing with an unimaginable loss. I know the victims of this tragedy would want us to continue boating and would appreciate us watching over their loved ones.
    If you are interested please e-mail your name, address, phone number, boat make and model to
    If you will not be able to attend, we will gladly accept your donations and direct them to the HTM Memorial Fund.
    Todd Taylor
    Jokers Wild Promotions

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    Miss Raisin,I do believe you could be refered to as a bottom feeder!!I could see no purpose in your article other than to throw salt in an open wound.I could go on but don't even care to talk to someone of your mean spirited character so buzz off. http://free.*** Bum
    [This message has been edited by waterbum (edited April 01, 2002).]

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    No Drama
    Acton-based HTM -- High Torque Marine -- was
    owned by Coloumbe, who designed and
    manufactured high-performance boats. Wiseman,
    Coloumbe and two HTM employees were testing a
    30-foot, twin-hulled catamaran prototype when
    the boat flipped and sank just before 2 p.m.
    that windy Friday.
    In case you didn’t comprehend your own writing, the key word in this paragraph is “TESTING”. These guys were out testing a prototype. Yes, they were proud of their achievement in the design and concept, but just like GM, Ford Motor Corp. Mercedez Benz, and every other manufacturer tests their products for safety and reliability in questionable situations. So were these men. Steve and his crew of professionals did not hand over a boat to anyone with the financial ability to purchase, with out knowing the safety and characteristics of every piece they manufactured. Perhaps you may also suggest a testing ground for this and all other manufacturers. This was a controlled situation where the public was not placed at any risk and the crew was composed of the most experienced personnel for these conditions. You may want to take some time and read your own articles a few times before they go to print as not to misinform the public on your own misguided opinions and damaging the reputation these unfortunate men left behind. And yes you may quote me in your next ill-advised article.

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    No Drama
    I wrote a letter to the Editor of the Daily News, expressing my own opinion regarding the article written by Amy Raisin . I suggest all of you interested, follow suit. The letter is as follows.
    To whom it may concern,
    In reply to the article written Monday, April 1, 2002, by Amy Raisin Boater boasted of speed, privilege. I find this to be very uninformed and rather insulting to the boating community. Not to mention the stipulation leading to the idea that these men were irresponsible in there actions. The writer clearly states and quotes a one sided conversation held in the forums of Hot Boat. net. From my own personal knowledge members who heard stories from other members or read articles from newspapers that were believed to be true write these post. The fact is not one person knows as a fact what the actual speed was. Not one person knows the cause of the accident, for that matter not one person actually saw the accident from a clear point of view. Everything that has been publicized has been hearsay. Not one word has been fact. Except there was a boating accident and four men lost their lives. As a reader of your newspaper, I feel it was careless of her to write this article on pure speculation. Readers of The Daily News look towards informative, educational and what is believed to be reliable information. Not someone’s misguided opinion. Particularly if her opinion is calculated to shed more negativity where it is not welcomed nor justified. The boating community has suffered a great loss and if she would have taken the time to read the hundreds of posts written there after. It would have been clear of what a positive reaction this misfortune developed. Members of this forum came together to mourn the loss of friends and to remind our selves of the possibility of unplanned accidents. Everyone on these boards and in this boating community has taken steps to further their education in safety and accident prevention. Everyone is highly encouraged to slow down, think and to be aware of his or her surroundings. Boating safety is no longer taken lightly. I don’t believe I read any of this in her article. Perhaps you owe us a follow up on her enlightenment.
    Yours Truly,
    No Drama
    Hot Boat Forum Member

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    I agree that enough has been said regarding this subject and the horible outcome of that day will forever be a tragedy that should have never happened.
    However I do see some factual statements to the story and tests have been conducted by recognized authorities,the results of these tests point to negligence and unsafe conditions,not to mention extreme and unresonable speeds.
    When stating that they were simply testing with public safety in mind, I find this a very loose and almost insulting term when refering to that day and the true motivation of witch was to set a speed record and in turn to promote boat sales and bragging rights.
    Someone please define testing for me.
    Let me state that I fell sorry for the loved ones left behind to suffer the consecences of that fatefull day, and while there has been some good to come of this fatefull and tradgic event,how does this erase the facts and responsibility of those involved.
    Sorry, but I just do not see the slander that your describing.
    [This message has been edited by DMB (edited April 01, 2002).]

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