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    who owns the 257 effect named bad medicine Curious....derek.

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    What color is it?

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    Derek where's your boat

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    i only saw the back of the boat sunday about 3 pm. I had my new sabre out all weekend but stayed away from the channel until sunday the owner of that boat kept calling me by name just curious who it was..derek

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    skull sorry i havent posted any more pics. boat is complete i had it out all weekend trying to put some time on it, i stayed down toward the springs until sunday i was a bit nervous about driving into the channel until i got use to it, boat ran awesome only problem was dialing in my amps. sorry to hear about your prop did you hit something...derek

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    Derek, what kind of performance did you see out of the 575??? smile_sp

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    i didnt push the motor at all 60 mph at about 4700 rpm. just taking it a little easy..derek

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    derek it was wild I was in the middle of the lake and just alot of shaken. Boat went from 70+ to 20 as if I just let off that was some scary S#$t. After looking @ the prop it hit nothing other than the blade that left clean break no other damage just plain wierd. Hopefully Mercury stands up and takes care of me if not maybe some one has another thirty for sale.

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    you must of thought your engine let go thats scary...derek

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