Hey Eliminator 4 Life-

do you happen to still come on here? do you know who the owner of this boat was >? i know he sold it to a guy in canada but trying to track the boat down ...

If you come on here or get this please shoot me back with this guys name and contact if you have it

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Thanks Elim. Good to hear from you. How is the whole crew at Semper doing?
The boat was just too radical for weekend use. I really had a great time with it, and all I put on it was 22 hours. It was getting to the point where it needed the top end freshened up at 100 hrs. , roller lifters and valve springs, just to be safe. I would have hated to lunch a lifter or drop a valve and in time it would have happened. I posted it here and Scream and Fly not thinking much of it and a man bought it without even seeing it in person. Boat is in Canada now just north of WA state. I still can't believe it's gone. This is the first summer boatless for me since '92 so I'm feeling fooked. The wifey is wanting an open bow or a deck so were gonna rub nickels together and keep our eyes open.
Right on well that was one sweet fast ass boat. Everyone is good here Mark sold his 30 daytona. We built a 27 with a 900 in it but it sold right away so we dong have anything with bragging rights right now haha. Let me know if I can help you in the future it sucks not having a boat I feel your pain. I had a buyer for mine but didnt want to be without a boat. You cleaned that boat up very nice it looks good in the pics.