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Thread: What is A 5/8 runner bottom?

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    I am still trying to learn more about the v-drives and their hulls. I have seen the 5/8 runner bottom term used. Are there any web sites or books that describe or illustrate different hulls and their usage.Thanks,DEL51

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    LeE ss13
    There is no other place you can learn about 5/8 runner bottom v-drives except here !!! (OK.. maybe I'm stretching that a bit) Anyway, without showing a picture of one upside down, here it goes. There about 2' wide 'runners' running from the back of the boat forward. They're designed to manage air passing under the boat to minumize the amount of wetted surface to reduce drag. 5/8" is the depth of the runner. From the back it might look like this.
    Generally they will have 3 separate cavitation plates. They are usually used for Drag racing, but I have seen circle runners, but they are rare.
    LeE ss13

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    LeE ss13: I think that's was the other way around. The center section is recessed, or higher than the outers. Anyone? Right or wrong?

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    LeE ss13 is correct. Here is a pick of the back of my old 5/8" runner bottom.

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    Hey whatdayaknow. I always thought it was the other way. Like a mini air entrapment.
    SD013: What do you run now?

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    Thanks for the information.Are these type of hulls used for race only or could they be used for a lake ***boat?Tanks,DEL51

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    You can use them for a lake / ***boat. But like any other flatbottom they don't do too well in the rough water. I gave lots of people the ride of their life with this baby.
    Hotrodder, I moved into a 20' schiada now.

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    Think of runners as 5/8", 3/4", or 1" tunnels. By the way, I noticed that AzDon is selling a complete Litchfield runnerbottom on a tandem trailer for $3800. His phone number is (928)453-7470 and I think there are some pics on his site

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