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Thread: Stevens boat co.

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    I have a '64 stevens v drive fla bottom boat and want to know more about the boat make this ones tag says Gardena ,Ca. If you know anything about this company please post a response.

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    GN117 Big Dawg
    Hey 64, Mac Stevens seemed to just vanish after he closed down the shop over on El Segundo Bl., in Gardena. At least to my knowledge, that was about the time I made the transition to circle boat racing from drag racing, and Stevens was not as into roundy rounders as he was he was into the drag stuff.
    If you remember, back in the late 60's, an unblown fuel flat bottom known as "The Mortition." Owned and drivin by Buzz Coats it was a dual small block, injected fueler, that Stevens built and supported in NDBA Racing out at Skiland, Perris, CA.
    Buzz was killed in that fueler at Skiland and it seems to my recollection that Mac closed the doors not long after that incident. I don't know if it was the personal, or leagal pressures that caused the demise of Stevens Boats, it is pure speculation at this point. That whole deal went down over 30 years ago, and it's been forever since it's come up. I remember Mac as an affable man, my knowledge of him was brief and confined to the races. I could take you to his old shop location right now if you asked.
    Just as a side bar note, it was really freaky, Coats used to tow "The Mortition" to the digs with a 55 or 56 Cadillac Hearse. Too weird huh?

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    Not to highjack the thread but not to long ago someone was selling some v drive stuff on e bay. It was real old stuff too. I e mailed the seller about a few things.
    He didn't know anything about the parts as he was just cleaning out an old ladys garage. Of course I asked him to find out who's stuff it was. He said was a guy that raced fuel flats.
    Yep, he was cleaning out Buzz Coats stuff.
    I bet there could have been some real treasures in there.

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    Cool another guy with a Stevens. Welcome!!!Can you post a picture of yours? What size is it? What motor? Give us the details....

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    From what I remember Mac Stevens was a fireman and built boats on the side. He did race roundy round because i remember seeing him race at the marine stadium. Someone said that he moved to Az. after he shut down everything. I think he has since passed away but I'm not sure on that.
    Here is my 63 Stevens

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    Here is a picture of my 66 Stevens...

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    GN117 Big Dawg
    Hi 64, Man, what an excelent example of Mac
    Stevens craftsmanship. Is that an old "Nail
    Head " Buick ? That's too cool.
    I think you are fairly close when you mention
    that Mac was a fireman, seems somehow familiar.
    I just don't remember him at the stadium circle racin', but, that by no means is to say he wasn't involved.
    Does that 66 Stevens flattie look just too bitchin' or what!!! Dan and you both look like your hearts and souls are into your boats BIG TIME and that is the way it is spostta be.
    Good Luck and Gods Speed to you both.
    Old Rigger, feel free to give me a call, my number is in my profile, looks like we need to sit and talk about our paths and how they may have crossed in our racing/boating worlds. Maybe that book idea could get off of the ground, sounds like we may have a customer base right here in the V-Drive threads???? If nothing else, we should never miss an opportunity to make new freinds. Thanks, Gary.
    [ July 01, 2003, 10:59 PM: Message edited by: GN117 Big Dawg ]

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    Nostalgic boats are awesome! it is great to know you have a part of the past and to always wonder where your boat has been...

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    I spoke with my dad Don Minegar who built many of Mac's boats in the 60's in the bay area. He confirmed that Mac was a fireman prior to building the boats. Since following this string the past few days and thinking about the Stevens boats I came to the realization that Mac's boats were used in almost all forms of racing. I am sure there were other multi task boats but not sure any of them were as much as the Stevens was?

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    I will be posting photos soon I have the boat at the painters and we'll be getting it back maybe monday. The engine will not be back in it for a few weeks after that,be cause it is being rebuilt. The engine for the person who asked it a 1964 ford 427 with 2 4v 650 cfm carbs. it runs at 12.5:1 compression and the v drive is a hall craft with 14% over drive. Teh engine was taken from the Ford factory and sent to the Holman Moody shop in N.C. and was made race ready. It had 614 horse power when new. I'll post pics of the engine later but everything on the bosat is stock but the new paint and seat covers.

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