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Thread: Single plane intake manifold

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    I am trying to decide on an intake for My 489 BBC stroker and would like to hear opinions as to which single plane ,single carbe setup You think is best.
    The intakes I have been considering are the Holly strip domminator,wieand teamG,Edlebrock victor, or the dart,all with 1050 domminator.
    I would appreciate all the input that I can get ...thank's....Hal

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    Please list complete engine details along with rpm that you run and where you'd wish to add more power.

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    The engine is in the build up proccess,but this is what I have and the direction that I am going.
    Gen IV 454 4 bolt BBC
    bored 0.30 over stock,4.25 "stroke (489 C.I.D.)
    srp dome top ptstons
    10.5:1 comp ratio
    scatt forged steel crank
    6.135" rods
    bow tie "049" oval port iorn heads,with extensive head work and larger valves.
    cam has not been selected yet,but it will be a mechanical full roller valve train,and am leaning towards one of comp cams mechanical rollers for jet boats.
    will be pushing a berk "B"impeller and would like to be in the High 5- 6 thousand RPM range.
    Iam trying to put together a combo for river racing and all out speed....Hal

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    1050 Dominator sounds like a whole lotta carb for an under 500" 10.5 to 1 motor.

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    I suggest a BG850 - flows more air than Holley 850 but works great on marine 500 cid's.
    If you want to go with a 1050, that's fine, but I would 100% suggest a 4150 flanged single plane with a good quality 4500-4150 adapter/spacer. We've been seeing real good power going this way on 500-540+cid marine engines, okay, drag cars too.
    You get the low end/midrange with the smaller intakes plenum and the high airflow of the Dominator carb. Note: Most 4500 flanged intakes have a correspondingly larger plenum and larger runner CSA that is in many situations too big for many engine builds.
    Here's one of the answers from HVH's 'Super Sucker' Line.

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    Also, Reher Morrison has a great intake/spacer/adapter combo that is also designed + ported together for not a whole 'lot of coin.
    Click on
    Then click on 'Products' in top row of links
    ' When this page loads click on 'Funnel Ram' on left side links
    Idea is same as I mentioned above. Use a high flow but reasonable sized plenum + runner but add a big cfm carb. Wallah !!!!
    Disclaimer: if you don't make good power with either of these it's your carb tune.

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    ck ur PM's

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    Hey fastrat Thanks a bunch.
    I am not neccisarily(spelling)committed to a 1050. I just want to hear opinions on intake/carb combo's,That make power,from people that are a little smarter than Me ,on the subject.If a smaller carb combo is the hook up then I want to know...Thank's ...Hal

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    I am just looking for combos that have worked for people in the past or present.

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    don johnson
    Paul Pfaff built me a motor many years ago with specs very close to yours, 496 CI. However it had Brodix BB2-O Oval port heads with lots of work and a large roller cam. He swore that the best induction for under 6,500 RPM was a Edelbrock Performer RPM dual plane manifold and an 850 carb.

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