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Thread: Home Solar Power

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    we were just watching Modern Marvels...
    and they were discussing Solar Power and we were wondering this sounds like a great way to save money on energy costs and to help the environment.
    just wondering what are the hidden costs?
    how much out of pocket up front do i have to spend on the installed system
    any cons?
    is the dwp rebate helpful?
    Thanks in advance for the info

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    The DWP rebate is not only helpfull, you can buy them through the DWP for an even bigger savings.
    They're a simple installation.
    Check out our link:
    The link has solar workshop info, everything about everything about solar for the home and biz.
    If I lived in Arizona,, even the garage would be refrigerated with free power from the sun.
    Charge the golf cart,, dog house,, their'd be no livin' with me.
    It's the way to go.
    Electric heat from solar power too,, stove,,,, water heater,,, cloths dryer,, endless,

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    Dad's best friend put one on his house in Rancho Mirage. With the power that he sells back to the utility his electric bill is $600 a year.

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    thanks.... but realistically how much upfront??

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    Right now most states are trying to meet the 20 percent alternative energy goals. I think in the next couple years solar will play a much bigger part in the energy mix. Honda yes Honda is working very hard right now to mass produce solar cells for home use.

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    Honda to Mass Produce Next-Generation Thin Film Solar Cell
    TOKYO, Japan, December 19, 2005 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced its plan to begin mass production in 2007, of an independently developed thin film solar cell composed of non-silicon compound materials, which requires 50% less energy, and thus generate 50% less CO2, during production compared to a conventional solar cell. A mass production plant with annual capacity of 27.5 megawatts will be established at Honda’s Kumamoto factory.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    thanks.... but realistically how much upfront??
    If ya DIY,, 6 to 10 grand.
    To have it done, 12 to 20 K.
    It's going down,,

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    My data might be dated so don't shoot me but I, both as a builder and a consumer, was really interested in solar 3-4 years ago.
    Unfortunately, it usually takes 8-15 years to realize the savings because of the high startup costs. This depends on a few things especially where you live. Obviously, it will take less time in areas like AZ and NV because you use the A/C 3 months more than say Cali.
    Still, in an era of people changing homes every 5-7 years, it's a tough sale. For most people, you'd be installing it for the benefit of the second owners.

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    thanks.... but realistically how much upfront??
    I seem to remember the cost being somewhere around $22k and his ROI realized in 7 years.

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    If ya DIY,, 6 to 10 grand.
    To have it done, 12 to 20 K.
    It's going down,,
    To be able to get a "net" meter in AZ, you have to have a licensed solar installation/electrician do the work...
    But if you just want the panels, no one is stopping you from plastering your roof with 'em.
    I'm going to do this in a couple years, if not sooner. The utilities will reimburse you so many $$ for every installed watt of solar. Just about cut the cost in half... at least here in AZ...

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