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Thread: '76 Sanger Runner Bottom

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    First off, the ONLY reason I am selling this beautifull boat is because I just bought another one. I can't have more than one lake hot rod like some people I know (916)
    Anyways, it has a Casale 10 degree with 18's and a whirlaway. Pedal overide, Stellings 10 and 3/4 X 16 two blade prop, all stellings hardware, polished 2.5 gallon side mount tank and a mallory electric pump.
    The motor is a long rodded 462 BBC. The bottom end consists of 13.75 JE pistons, Eagle Long Rods and crank, solid roller cam (big) specs to buyer
    Up top is a set of worked 990's by Joey Grose, topped off with an Edelbrock Victor ram and two 1050 Dominator carbs. Rewarder headers (HPC) in great shape (not shown in pic) The boat hauls ass!!!!! Best thing about it is it takes on NO WATER!! Had it on Naci for 3 days and never had to pull the plug. Absolutly dry. The floors are gorgeous!!! And of course the bottom is "speed coated"
    It sits on a beautifull boxed tandem axel trailer that is painted to match. Tires have very little miles on them. It tows straight. In reality you don't even know it's there.
    Will sell turn key for $9,500
    Will sell less engine for $5,300 (comes with everything to install BBC except scoop and pan)
    PM or call (951) 566-6982
    I have a ton of pics. Here are a few.

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    Are you in Riverside??

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    CRAP not now,nononononooo

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    Are you in Riverside??
    South of Riverside about 20 miles.

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    ur a DAWG!!!!!!!!

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    very nice boat!!

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    I thought that was your dream boat? Did you buy another Sanger?
    Sure looks nice.

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    Pebo your old flat is still sitting in that guys back yard in pamona,i asked him about but he wont give me any answers$$

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    I thought that was your dream boat? Did you buy another Sanger?
    Sure looks nice.
    Thanks Steve. I love this boat but I got another T-deck. How's the Hondo comming along?

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    i got another t-deck !!!!!
    yeah right !!!!

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