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Thread: Roller lifter maintenance

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    Who changes their solid rollers and how often? I have had some guys say never and others each year. I have 66 hours on a offset set of Cranes and am wondering if I should risk another season.

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    valve lash kills them!....they are like a set of rods..when there done theyll tell ya......keep checking the rollers and bearings for wear,i guess

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    I clean them in solvent. Clean all oil out of the roller needle bearings. Check the roller wheel for obvious "skating" or flat spots. I check the links to be sure they are ok. Then I roll them with HARD PRESSURE on the roller. Any tight spot...I feel anything and they are tossed. Otherwise I put em back in.

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    keep a tight lash on me,lol

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    I do believe that's what "Rev kits" are for!..

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    I do believe that's what "Rev kits" are for!..
    rev kits???..didnt they use them in the 80's?

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    Yea, and some of us still have our lifters from the 80's because of them.

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    The last 20 hours this engine has not been over 6k rpm's. but it was built in '01. I keep the lash at .020 across and it has never been off but when one of the rollers craps out I will be pulling the engine which is what I dont want. Its not worth the risk I guess but I know a few guys that have over 300 hours on individual sets.

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    I doubt they are getting 300 hours on off set lifters. Its not worth the risk, I change them every 2 or 3 seasons depending on the amount of use.

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    If the boat see's alot of idling then I would pull and inspect every season. If the engine doesn't see a lot of low speed idling then I would check every 75 to 100 hours.

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