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Thread: Please say a prayer for the soldiers

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    After dinner yesterday, we got a phone call from my wife's Aunt, Bonnie. Her husband is a retired Army Master Sergeant. I've spent hours yakking with him, they have been to our home many times and my son and I spent a couple of days with them at their home in Albuquerque when we were driving back to California after Chris discharged last May.
    A great guy for sure, 3 tours in Vietnam; Purple Heart X2 & Bronze Star.
    His grandson entered the service(Army) within two weeks off my son Chris.
    As it happens, his grandson is a "Chris", too, and the same age as our Chris, 23. This lad signed up for 5 years active, my son did 3.
    In Cindy's Aunt's family room, they have photos of both boys in Class "A" uniforms, it is a wall of honor. About 5 days ago now, "their" Chris' unit was preparing to depart from Iraq after a second one-year tour.
    An improvised explosive device detonated in the room they were waiting in.
    It was supposed to be a secure area, a FOX News team was with them covering their departure, I guess.
    Out of ten soldiers, 6 were killed instantly, 3 are in critical condition, and one walking wounded. This attack is apparently one of the reasons the airport in Bagdad has been closed down. Apparently, there was video of the room being filmed as the explosion hit.
    Chris was one of the critical injuries. He was operated on in Iraq, stabilized as best as possible, and flown the next day to Germany, where he has undergone two more surgeries as of tonight. We are told he has all his parts, and is expected to recover, but will face a long and difficult rehab.He is going to have one more surgery in Germany tomorrow, and then was supposed to be flown to Texas to another Major Army Hosptial, but now we are hearing he may go to Walter Reed back east. He was conscious for awhile today, and his Grandad got to talk to him on the phone for a moment.
    I cannot help but sit here tonight, and think how fortunate we were when our son was active. Now, we are praying for Chris, and for our nephew, who is serving in Korea this night.
    After we got the news yesterday, my son and I stood out on the deck looking at the flag fluttering in the breeze atop the 25 ft. pole in the garden, and hugged.
    As we go into the holidays, please pray for Chris, and his fellow soldiers, and for the families of his fallen comrades. They are the very best this country has to offer, doing a nasty, thankless job in a place none of us would want to spend a minute. Also, please pray that he gets sent to the hospital in San Antonio, Tx. It will be easier for his family to get there than would Walter Reed.
    His family is a private, humble bunch. All they ask for are your prayers and kind thoughts, and it is all they would accept, I know, 'cause I already tried to do otherwise.
    Sorry for the long post. Hard to organize my thoughts tonight.

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    little rowe boat
    Our soldiers are always in my prayer and will continue to be. God bless them.

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    He will be in our families prayers. God Bless them all.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    Those kids over there do what they do for the love of our
    country. I'm not certain that we all deserve what we have
    but I hope that we appreciate those kids which for the
    past 200+ years have allowed us to have unprecedented
    freedoms and security. God bless them all.
    Keith Sayre

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    Those kids over there do what they do for the love of our
    country. I'm not certain that we all deserve what we have
    but I hope that we appreciate those kids which for the
    past 200+ years have allowed us to have unprecedented
    freedoms and security. God bless them all.
    Keith Sayre
    I could not have said it better Keith.

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    God bless all of our troups.Not a day goes by with out them in our prayers.

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    Courage, Honor, and Bravery are just a few of the adjictives we use to describe our Armed Forces. These are words they live by every day. Without regard for themselves and working for mear pocket change they go into harms way and defend the very things so many take for granted. I hope we all continue to remember those who are defending the United States, those who have defended the United States and those who fight for the people who cannot fight for themselves....Most will tell you they want nothing for what they do because it is "their" job....Well then I say it is "my" job to say, Thank You, god bless and be careful."
    To those who have served, are serving and will serve, Thank You, your sacrifice does not go unnoticed or unappreciated....

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    Jeff, my prayers are with Cindy and family.......... and for all the soldiers that are over there doing their duty for us.
    God Bless them all.

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    God bless each and everyone of them.

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    Our hearts go out to him.....
    Wishing him the best in his recovery and the best with the rest of his life.
    We thank him and all the other boys and girls taking care of us .

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