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Thread: Who has a HONDO PANTERA T-DECK

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    As far as I have been told. Hondo, Cole, Dimarco, and Brendella all made these pantera bottom hulls. They are very fun to drive. I have a 77 Cole that will hopefully hit the water next summer.

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    I have a canam t-deck that is of the same mold as the hondo got a pic of that turd? :hammerheaHere is his boat:
    I just hooked him up with block, crank, rods, bearings & pistons for a new Ford 468 shortblock.

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    daddy b your boat damm near looks like a sanger.
    But it´s a this one from Finland

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    how about a bigger pic of your boat FIN

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    Duane HTP
    Our Hondo ran between 103 and 107 mph usually. We had a Berkeley pump and about 780 to 800 HP. The barrel roll was caused by me getting my foot stuck between the pedal and the stringer on some rollers. Couldn't get out of it quick enough.

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    Bettie.... The hondo tdeck/ pantera

    I have one, it is shaped like a flatty on top with a pantera hull( shallow v with "wings"). When I bought it 3 years ago it came with fixed cav plates and no ride plate. I fabricated one, not before doing some 50 mph spinouts. Very loose hull at speed, I feel every ripple and I've only got her up to 68mph. Running a 455 olds, hei, offy tunnel ram, 8.5 to 1, 50 shot nos.

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    here is my tdeck hondo(squirter) $7k

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    can you advise me on where i can pick up speed? i uploaded a you tube video of her.

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    Just registered on this site, saw this thread, I have owned a T-Deck Hondo Jet for 34 years now. Was set-up originally to be a circle boat, adjustable cav. plates, drop thru fin. Pump has been set-back,shoe and ride plate/intake by MPD, bottom by Jeff Bennett. 468 BBC/dual 750's runs mid 80's with less than 500hp.
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    76 Hondo, Nice boat! Interesting setup there with the cav plates!

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