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Thread: Fittings on stainless braided lines

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    While making up the truckload of stainless braided lines and fittings for my turbo engine I am reusing several old ones. I found that several of the "Earls" fittings are split at the nut that goes over the braided line which makes it a throwaway. When comparing the Earls' to the Aeroquips' I find that the nut on the Earls has a very thin cross section as compared to the Aeroquip which is much thicker.
    Has anyone else had problems with the Earls fittings?
    I just got a whole new batch of Earl's fittings and am thinking about returning them and exchanging for Aeroquip's.

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    I have only used Aeroquip's despite the difficulty in assembling them. The Earl's components that I have scene were a little less rebust then I thought they should be.
    My 0.02

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    Earls fittings should only be used with earls hose. The hose is different.

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    Earls fittings should only be used with earls hose. The hose is different. Yes. I did not think you could get Earls stuff on Aeroquip hose. Apparently you can, but one time only looks like.

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    I've got both brands of hose and didn't really notice any difference in the difficulty of assembly. The real difference is the thread on the Earls is a lot larger diameter which leaves less material thickness for the nut which evidently makes it more succeptable to splitting. The Aeroquip uses a smaller diameter thread.
    For -6 fittings
    Earls thread major diameter - .555
    Aeroquip thread major diameter - .430
    Both have 3/4" nut size
    I guess I'll send back all the Earls stuff and get Aeroquip from now on.

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    We used to distribute both Earls and Aeroquip for many years. This was back when we actually plumbed boats for folks in house. I've personally installed thousands of Aeroquip ends and a lesser number of Earls. For that reason I feel qualified and will stand behind the following statement: Aeroquip are definately better quality than Earls.
    About 10 years ago a little start up company came along called Keith Black (startup in fittings, not engines). I tried their fittings as I was a devout Aeroquip guy at the time. No comparison. Keith Black (now XRP) was (and still is) way ahead in quality compared to Aeroquip. We used to encounter defective or out of tolerance threads on about 1 out of every 30-40 Aeroquip ends. They would gall upon install if you didn't catch em first. Since changing to XRP I don't even remember the last time we've had a hose end gall due to poor thread tolerance or quality of the part. XRP threads are precise and have a much better fit, their anodize is deeper and more consistant in color, just all the way around a better part. If you're gonna spend the money for these fittings (none of the brands are that much cheaper than the others), why not get the best, that you won't have problems with. I swear by XRP's quality and like I said above I've used Earls, Aeroquip, and also Russell. None of them compare to XRP. Here's a link if you're interested in checking them out. Even if you don't buy them here do yourself a favor and get XRP somewhere.

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    I totally agree with you mike Those XRP fittings are top notch.The Anodizing is in a league of its own.

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    Thanks, That's what I was looking for, Someone who had tried many brands.
    [ May 05, 2003, 04:18 AM: Message edited by: Unchained ]

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    Gofastracer is a dealer for fittings and hose. I can't remember the brand but I bet he can save you some $$$$$.

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    Maybe GoFastRacer or someone can help me out here..What is the strongest Fitting out there on the market..We are using Stainless fittings on our water pickup..This weekend the Stainless one we were using..Here's a pics of what we're doing with it....
    It broke at the Swivel..Should I jest eliminate the Swivel or is there a stronger one that would hold up to the Prop wash....what are my options..
    [ May 05, 2003, 08:15 AM: Message edited by: Sangster ]

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