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Thread: Saddle Tanks

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    I have two new saddle tanks for sale still have the plastic on them,I bought them for my boat but they would'nt fit,they are 10" tall and 36' long on one of the tanks I cut the tabs off of the filler neck were the gas cap locks.I bought them from Coyote gear and I'm asking 300.00 OBO for them.

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    How many gallons per tank????

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    Each tank holds 10 gallons,if you would like to call for more question my # is (918)697-7411.......Gene

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    Coyote Gear makes sweet tanks!
    Any options on them (baffels, AN bungs, sending units, etc.)?

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    No just filler neck and a drain at the bottem center of the tank,My wife ordered these tanks for me for Christmas but what she didn't know that she could have them custom made just for a boat with the filler and the drain on each end like I needed it,so now I can't use them on my boat and I got some from a friend of mine out of another boat.

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