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Thread: Roller rockers - help!

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    Bought a 454 motor from a friend of a friend that has moved. It was set up for racing. The roller rocker set is missing 2 of the I have to buy a new set, ( $$, how much?) or can I just replace the 2? Where would I get them, and again, $$?
    2. The rods are not marked....if the motor was balanced, does re assy. mater, order wise? (the rods in my last engine were numbered w/punch marks to match in assy. Thanks!

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    Generally you can buy rockers seperate or in pairs. Just ID them and contact manufacturer or post a picture and we'll all try to figure the brand out.
    Numbering rods is not necessary but should be done, especially as a reference to which cap goes on which rod. I assume this motor is apart?

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    motor IS apart...caps are on rods. Been a long day, thought it might matter which piston/rod went back into which cyl.

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    I have found that when you need just one or two roller rockers they charge quite a bit more for the things.A set of 16 runs around $200. I recall that a single rocker cost me around $25 this was over ten years ago.
    As far as the piston rods not being numbered... check the lower side of the pistons very closely.Most engine builders stamp the is important to get them in the original positions for proper balancing.
    Good Luck with your engine project!

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    If caps are missed matched, they need to be re-rounded as I call it. Had it done once. If not, motor won`t last a week.

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    Take one with you to J&M speed shop in Riverside. They'll match it up and they sell em separate. It would be cheaper than buying a whole new set. Get off the 91 at Adams, then head up through the auto center drive and they are located on the south side of one of those little turn outs. Big greyish blue building behind a auto dealership.

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    If the motor really is balanced then the rods will have the exact same weight so it doesn't matter which hole they go back in, with respect to balance. The rods do need to be installed the correct WAY though. Most rods have little tabs on them or something to throw oil. Make sure the rods are facing th e right way. As for caps, you can put them in a box, mix them all up, and take it to someone who knows their shit and they can be rematched to the correct rods in a few minutes. Just match the honing scrathes up.

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