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Thread: h.t.m boats

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    who knows about htm boats, want to know about 1999 sr-24 with 454 gm, any good,stay away or what

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    I suggest you do a search.

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    Calling bad blown
    I think this thread is calling you

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    Badblown is to HTM, as Jordy is to Kachina.
    And life goes on

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    bad blown =IDIOT

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    bad blown =IDIOT
    oh, so I take it you know Danny well?? go back to spamming your jet-boat stuff troll

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    Badblown is to HTM, as Jordy is to Kachina.
    And life goes on
    I think he's a little more serious than I have ever been with it. After all, I really don't know anyone who has ever been killed in a Kachina. Whole new level there.

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    i was thinkin of gettin an htm, because they are good lookin boats and you can get them fairly cheap compared to the other brands, used that is. i mentioned buying an htm to a good friend of mine and he told me it would be the biggest mistake i ever made. he owns a 40 foot skater though but no need to get into that, so anyways he screwed up all my thoughts on a new boat. so i just bought a 21 foot rayson craft v-drive and built that instead. damn

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    parker guy
    I used to have SS-24, it was a great boat not a great ruff water tunnel boat but a fast bottom and a nice turning boat . If your still looking try and find one that has a composite floor, I'm not sure if a 99 has one . It makes it nice to un snap the carpet if your working on the engine, so you don't get it dirty. Good luck

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    As it has been stated in here before, I am not a fan. :jawdrop:

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