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Thread: HELP, BB Ford lifter question, Roller or flat?

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    I am building a 1964 427 Ford Stroked to 496 this weekend. I have a set of Comp roller lifters, but was sent the wrong cam, its a flat tappet cam. Like most parts for these old BB Fords every thing is hard to find or special order. I am going to Havasu for 10 days in two weeks, no time to re order cam. I am running roller tip rockers also.
    What am I losing by not running the roller lifters other then wear?

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    I am only guessing that you are thinking of running the flat tappet cam and getting some (new) flat lifters for it? You absolutly CANNOT run the rollers on the flat tappet cam. Are the springs you have, for the roller, prolly to much spring for the flat tappet cam, you'll just turn it into a FLAT cam

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    I agree with GN7, if you have roller springs chances are the springs are not going to work with a solid flat tappet. You need to either get a set of springs and set of flat tappet lifters or get a roller cam for the FE.

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    If it's a '64 the lifter galleys aren't drilled and a roller won't get enough lubrication. If you have the same block I do it's solid lifters only.....

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    I have the new 600 lb springs to match the flat tappet lifters. Just wanted to know what the advantage was in a roller rockers and cam set up was. galleys have been drilled.

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    if you have 600 lb springs your flat tappet cam will trash in less time than you can warm up the motor. Also the only diff between a flat solid and a roller is the roller, and forced oil rollers are relatively new, the roller was is lubed by splash from crank windage for the most part so don't worry to much about the fact that the block isn't drill in the lifter galley there are tons of FE's out there running solid rollers on undrilled blocks, but don't even think of running a hydraulic roller or flat.

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    There is more off a difference between the flat and the roller than you would think, cam profiles completely different. I do agree that 600 lb. springs are going waste the flat tappet though.

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    Yikes, 600lbs on a flat tappet is instant disaster!..

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    CompCams and Crane are at around 1-2 day turnaround for custom cams. That plus next day or 2 day shipping and wallah.
    Or did you already try this and no do ? And thus why your extreme thoughts on getting it together ?
    Can you get different springs faster than a cam ? Your flat tappet idea with 600lbs psi is not going to work.

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    You could try calling to see if they could hook you up faster with a cam. Doesn't appear they stock solid Rollers for these but they have major clout in the industry. Maybe contacts that could ? Worth a call.
    Cstraub knows these guys, especially Barry, well.

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