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    I have a polished hemi v-drive with 50 %gears witch are way to tall. Can anyone tell me were i can find gear sets. Will by or trade for somthing in the 17 to 20 % range. Thanks E.J.

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    69 Elim
    Hey, its good to hear I'am not the only one with a Hemi v-drive. They are pretty rare from what I've heard. The shop told me "dont break it, or your gonna have to get a Casale" Parts just arn't available. I don't know what gears I have, but guessing on the tall side as well. I'll be pulling it apart in a month or so to put new gaskets in it and seal it up again.

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    Flat Rat
    I had one in our Flat but had the same problem you are I could not find taller gears as I was running 15%. We found there were more than one style of Hemi. I have changed to a Casele with the prop relese. The Hemi was grate.

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    Your best bet is to try Tom @ Menkens V-drives. His ads at the top of the page.

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